Journalism isn’t for the faint-hearted

Photo: TJ Lemon

The experiences of the past three months has been filled with new challenges, new knowledge and less sleep than any other in my academic career.

I have spent the time as a new honours student in the Wits journalism department . The first two weeks were called “Boot-camp”, a crucial time of learning as many basic skills as possible, so that we can begin our journey to becoming great journalists.

I have had the privilege of learning from respected journalists, an opportunity which will continue throughout the year as we engage with a multitude of interesting people.

We have gone out on the streets of Johannesburg, been evacuated from our 20-story building in a fire drill and explored what it takes to be a world-class journalist.

I have also spent time at VOW Fm, Wits’ radio station, as part of the news team who are responsible for writing the bulletin and producing a current affairs show.

The time has been engaging, exciting and challenging as I navigate the world of the news room, a previously unfamiliar place that never stops and is constantly filled with the smell of freshly brewed coffee (which I am trying to not drink pots of). I feel exhausted by the end of each day but the experience is so fulfilling that I can’t wait to get to class and learn something about this new world and more importantly, myself. I finally feel like I have found my place.


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