Day 4: The Interview continued

Before my return to SANZAF I visited Islamic Relief SA, another organisation which is located a block up from SANZAF, almost next to Gift of the Givers.

Reuven and I were welcomed in by Kashka, a lady around our age who showed us to the boardroom. While telling us about the need to better information about the area made available to the public (unlike the recent Fox News article), Abdullah Vawda joined us.

Abdullah is the Funds Coordination Manager at Islamic Relief SA. He says the organisation focuses more on big projects such as building water systems, schools and hospitals for communities across Africa. They also offer food parcels for those in the area.

At SANZAF I interviewed Aamina who heads up the skills development department, Riedwaan who co-ordinates with mosques in the area to identify people who could benefit from skills development and Usama again.

The importance of helping the right people and the challenge of choosing the right people stuck out most during my interviews. On a daily basis the team can interview up to 100 people who are in need and the process to get them help as quickly as possible can sometimes be tough.

Many people lie about their circumstances to get help. Usama said he remembers a woman who came in saying she needed money for food and rent but Usama could see and smell that she had been drinking. She denied it when he asked and demanded that he gives her money.

On most days, the walk up and down Mint Street is filled with at least three people approaching us for food, money or buying of formula for their newborn. The street outside these organisations are filled with people begging.

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