She.Clix Photography Exhibition

What: She. Clix Women Exhibition

Venue: Daville Baille Gallery, 70 Grant Avenue, Norwood (The Factory)

Date: 23 – 29 June 2016

Entrance: Free

Artworks are on sale


18 female photographers in one place, organised by two powerhouse young women, celebrating all the things that make women special. Being a fan of local artists and photography, I was immediately keen to go when I found out about She.Clix a few months ago.

Coming straight from work, I got a bit lost on my way to the gallery despite having been in the area a few weeks ago (the gallery is inside a trendy precinct called The Factory for those, who like me, didn’t know).

When I finally made it into the gallery, I was pleasantly surprised at how full it was. I squished through the crowd and slowly walked around exhibition popping my head over people’s shoulders to get a better look at the photos in a particularly busy corner.

What I liked about the exhibition was the accessibility of the photographers, many of whom were standing near their contributions and more than willing to chat to anyone who approached them.

The perceptions of women that were showcased got me thinking on the way home. I was a bit frustrated at the prevalence of nude photos because it made me feel that women are still defined by their bodies above anything else. I did expect some nude photos but I was hoping that other perceptions would shine through. IMG_7938The photos were definitely well shot and artistically appealing but I like to think that women are far more than our bodies. On the other side, the fact that the exhibition stayed with me and caused a reaction is a definite win.

The process of picking artists couldn’t have been a simple one but I think the organisers made some great choices for their launch, so again a well done to them. I look forward to next year’s exhibition

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