A JHB eviction story

Residents where evicted from a building in johannesburg earlier this week.  the group of about 500 residents were removed by the red ants in what they claim is illegal eviction. This is one of many cases where johannesburg residents find themselves on the streets after being evicted without warning. Vow fm reporter, samantha camara spoke to a victim of a previous building eviction for more … Continue reading A JHB eviction story

Interview: Shirona Patel

  Wits management has come under some fire this week after a council made a decision to suspend several students and de-recognise wits eff as a student society. Wits management launched an investigation before making the decision to suspend the students after a fight broke out between candidates at an src debate last week tuesday. After a meeting with eff national leadership on monday wits … Continue reading Interview: Shirona Patel

Wits, EFF and the SRC

Wits SRC made national news multiple times in the last two months. A fight broke out between candidates at an SRC debate in August led to an investigation that saw the EFF student society being de-recognised and seven students being suspended from the university. The Wits’ executive’s decision to suspend the students was then challenged by national EFF leadership who took the university to The … Continue reading Wits, EFF and the SRC

Transformation in the Rock Scene

The transformation of spaces, particularly South African universities, has been making news since the #RhodesMustFall campaign began. More recently the documentary Luister from the University of Stellenbosch looked at the treatment of black students with the university and social spaces around Stellenbosch. How do other social spaces navigate transformation when there is little or no political intervention? The rock music sub-culture or rock music scene … Continue reading Transformation in the Rock Scene