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When times are hard, friends are few

Fietas, a working-class community, lies almost forgotten on the outskirts of Fordsburg. At the bottom of the neglected neighbourhood is 14th Street, a once bustling market street now home to the Fietas homeless community. These homeless people have learnt to make their own way, in the area where faith-based relief organisations reach out to make a difference. “When times are hard, friends are few,” read the … Continue reading When times are hard, friends are few

Day 7: Photographs on 14th Street

Monday and Tuesday were spent shooting video On Wednesday morning I arrived on 14th Street at 07:30. I had organised with Joseph to accompany him from 14th Street to the recycling depot a few kilometers away. When I arrived Joseph had not yet returned from his morning collecting. Godfrey said that he had told them I was coming and that he would be back around … Continue reading Day 7: Photographs on 14th Street

Day 6: The Fordsburg Night Market

The Fordsburg Night Market takes place every Friday and Saturday in Fordsburg square and around Mint street. My visit to the market was’t for direct research purposes, I just wanted to get a feel for the nightlife of the area and try out some food. I arrived early as I had tickets to watch Vumani Oedipus (Read my review here) at The Market Theatre. After three rounds … Continue reading Day 6: The Fordsburg Night Market

Review: Vumani Oedipus at The Market

A new theatre culture is being created at The Market Theatre. A culture that goes beyond the boundaries of the spoken word by using a collection of languages, performances and emotions. Vumani Oedipus is a collaborative effort between the Wits Theatre and The Market Theatre in Johannesburg. The play is a reworking of the classic Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex into an African rendition. Directed by Wits … Continue reading Review: Vumani Oedipus at The Market

Day 4: The Interview continued

Before my return to SANZAF I visited Islamic Relief SA, another organisation which is located a block up from SANZAF, almost next to Gift of the Givers. Reuven and I were welcomed in by Kashka, a lady around our age who showed us to the boardroom. While telling us about the need to better information about the area made available to the public (unlike the … Continue reading Day 4: The Interview continued

Day 3: The interview

The heatwave that Johannesburg is currently experiencing has made walking through the city a tiring journey. Wanting to get some information on Johannesburg Sinikiwe, Valerie and I went to Museum Africa in the hope that there would be an exhibition that could help. I visited Museum Africa a few months but did not have enough time to see everything so I was excited to explore … Continue reading Day 3: The interview

Day 2: Searching for sources

The remainder of last week was spent finalising story ideas, pitching stories and doing some foundation research. My group’s topic for in-depth is “culture and community”. I have decided to look into how the community cares for the homeless and destitute. Homelessness is a major issue, not only in Fordsburg but in Johannesburg as a whole. The city is full of hopeful souls who have … Continue reading Day 2: Searching for sources