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When times are hard, friends are few

Fietas, a working-class community, lies almost forgotten on the outskirts of Fordsburg. At the bottom of the neglected neighbourhood is 14th Street, a once bustling market street now home to the Fietas homeless community. These homeless people have learnt to make their own way, in the area where faith-based relief organisations reach out to make a difference. “When times are hard, friends are few,” read the … Continue reading When times are hard, friends are few

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Joburg’s story through buildings

Johannesburg as we know it today began in 1886 when gold was found on the Witwatersrand causing people to flood to the area. Some buildings from early beginnings of the city still stand and tell a small part  of the 129 year old city’s history . Johannesburg has transformed and grown into a central hub of South Africa. From the home of the first South African serial killer, who is … Continue reading Joburg’s story through buildings

OTN – Tabula Rasa Album Review

This review originally appeared on Reaper Magazine. Having formed in 2009, OTN (Outside the New) have been bringing their eclectic sound to the music scene for almost ten years. Their debut album “Tabula Rasa” follows their 2010 EP “Follow the White Rabbit” and as the Latin album name suggest, is a clean slate for the band. The album single “Braille” was released with a lyric video last … Continue reading OTN – Tabula Rasa Album Review

Underoath – On My Teeth Single Review

This article originally appeared on Reaper Magazine. Underoath are back! It’s been five years since fans heard new music from Metalcore heavyweights, Underoath. The last new songs, “Sunburnt” and “Unsound”, were featured on the band’s anthology before their breakup in 2013. These singles along with the band’s earlier release, “Ø (Disambiguation)”, were the first recordings that did not feature drummer, vocalist and founding member Aaron Gillespie, … Continue reading Underoath – On My Teeth Single Review

She.Clix Photography Exhibition

What: She. Clix Women Exhibition Venue: Daville Baille Gallery, 70 Grant Avenue, Norwood (The Factory) Date: 23 – 29 June 2016 Entrance: Free Artworks are on sale 18 female photographers in one place, organised by two powerhouse young women, celebrating all the things that make women special. Being a fan of local artists and photography, I was immediately keen to go when I found out … Continue reading She.Clix Photography Exhibition